About Us

"Yukata is a company that operates in the field of bedding furniture which uses the best quality materials from Yukata Indonesia.

Founded in 2010 and located on JL. Raya Kutabumi No. 78, Karet - Tangerang, Indonesia. Yukata provides services in the form of selling sleeping mats and sofas that have been created to be as good and comfortable as possible by considering important aspects, including comfort, safety and quality of Yukata products.

Yukata has various types, namely Foam Mattresses, Springbed Mattresses and other accessories such as Sofabeds, Back Rests, and also Floor Chairs.

All products have a variety of different colors and motifs. Yukata also provides services to consumers to be able to design sleeping mats according to the consumer's wishes.

Consumers can get Yukata products at affordable prices, Yukata also provides consumers with a 10 to 25 year guarantee for all Yukata products.

The character of the Yukata mattress is very comfortable for use in tropical climates like Indonesia. Yukata products are cooler than other products on the market, because there is material contained in the foam and also the fabric used is knitted thread. Apart from being made for comfort, this Yukata product is also designed for health and is able to support the uneven human body when lying on a Yukata mattress. "